<Nonferrous Metals (Extractive Metallurgy Section)>



Founded in 1949 and sponsored by China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association and BGRIMM Technology Group<Nonferrous Metals (Extractive Metallurgy Section)>(ISSN 1007-7545 CN11-1841/TF) is a well-known classic journal of nonferrous metal extractive metallurgy/smelting industry, the subject rankings are in the top five for a long time, with strong professionalism and high theoretical and academic level. It is an authoritative technical journal of the nonferrous industry. <Nonferrous Metals(Extractive Metallurgy Section)> aims to publicize national policies, tracks the latest technological progress, establishes an academic exchange platform, and promotes the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. It mainly reports metallurgical processes, new materials and production practices related to more than 60 metals, such as light metals, heavy metals, precious metals, rare metals and rare earth metals, and publishes new information on metallurgical technologyenterprise production dynamics, etc., and discusses the latest hot issues. In recent years, it has focused on international hot research directions such as light metallurgy and thin metallurgy.


● Founded in 1949

● USA <Stephens Full-text Database> (EBSCOhost)

● Japan's Quick Report on Scientific & Technological Literature(CBST,JICST),

 ● Japan Science and Technology Agency, Chinese Bibliographic Database(JST)

● USA <Chemical Abstracts Service>

 ● The first National<CAJ-CD Standard> excellent journal

 ● China journal network journal, WFData (CHINAINFO)--Digital journal group

 <Chinese Journal Full-text Database>(CD)

 ● The Source Journals of Chinese academic Journals Abstracts

 ● The national nonferrous industry excellent journal

 ● RCCSE China's core academic journal


<Nonferrous Metals (Extractive Metallurgy Section)> is published both at home and abroad, monthly, postal code: 2-464(domestic), M3011(overseas). Circulation is leading in the industry.


Major domestic subscribers:


● Major libraries and college libraries across the country

● National big smelters

● Some local small smelters

● Nationally famous nonferrous design and research units

● Part equipment manufacturers in China

● Major national environmental protection enterprises

● Some foreign enterprises and transnational enterprises


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