Thermodynamic Analysis on Non-Oxidation of Molybdenite Roasting Process
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KeyWord:Molybdenite;Non-oxidative roasting;Vacuum decomposition;Desulfurization agent;
GUO Pei-min,WANG Duo-gang,ZHAO Pei
The State Key Laboratory for Advanced Iron and Steel Processes and Products/a>;Central Iron and Steel Research Institute/a>;Beijing 100081/a>;China
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      Feasible processes on non-oxidative treatment of molybdenite roasting was studied by thermodynamic analysis.Molybdenum powder for steelmaking can be obtained by the process of high-temperature vacuum decomposition at the conditions of 1 700~1 900 K and <100 Pa,and gaseous sulfur can be recycled by liquefaction method at 392~490 K.Mo,Mo2C and CaS can be produced over 1 200 K when calcium oxide and carbon are used as desulfurization and reduction agents respectively.Mo,Mo2C and Na2S can be obtained at 900~1 1...