Electrochemical Nucleation of Antimony in H2SO4-NH4F-SbF3 Electrolyte System
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KeyWord:Antimony electrodeposition;Nucleation;Chronoamperometric technique;Electrocrystallization;
LIN Yan,XIE Gang,YANG Da-jin
1.Faculty of Metallurgical and Energy Engineering/a>;Kunming University of Science and Technology/a>;Kunming 650093/a>;China/a>;2.The Technique Center of Yunnan Metallurgy Co./a>;Ltd./a>;Kunming 650031/a>;China
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      Electrocrystallization of antimony from H2SO4-NH4F-SbF3 electrolyte system were investigated by means of cyclic voltammetric,chronoamperometric and SEM technique.The results show that the electro nucleation mechanism of antimony is dependent on potential,and the electrocrystallization of antimony follows the spiral growth mechanism,and undergoes nucleation process.