Effects of Oxidants on Tin Extraction from Melted Crude Lead Slag
Received:July 17, 2012  Revised:July 17, 2012
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KeyWord:melted crude lead slag; tin; sodium stannate; oxidant; leaching rate
wei yansong 河池学院
huang rong 河池学院
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      The effects of oxidants, i.e. potassium permanganate, hydrogen peroxide, sodium hypochlorite, and oxygen on tin extraction from melted crude lead residue with alkaline process were investigated. The results show that the leaching rate of tin can be improved by the adding of oxidants, in which potassium permanganate is the crucial factor influencing the leaching rate followed by hydrogen peroxide and sodium hypochlorite. Blowing oxygen (air) has no obvious effect. The optimum dosage of oxidants for every kilogram of raw materials includes potassium permanganate of 20 g, hydrogen peroxide of 600 mL, and sodium hypochlorite of 400 mL.