Study on Defluorination of High Fluorine Bearing Beryllium Ore in Smelting Process
Received:September 13, 2012  Revised:September 13, 2012
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KeyWord:high fluorine bearing beryllium ore; dosing; melting; recovery rate, defluorination rate
LeiXiang 湖南有色金属研究院
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      Defluorination with addition of aluminum hydroxide in smelting process of high fluorine bearing beryllium ore was investigated. The results show that BeO recovery is above 96% under the conditions including dosage of Na2CO3 of 5%, dosage of Al(OH)3 of 9.3%, smelting temperature of 1 400~1 500 ℃, and time of 20 min. Defluorination effect is fine in that the ratio of F/BeO of beryllium glass could be controlled below 15%. This new smelting process facilitates the industrial application of high fluorine bearing beryllium ore.