Study on Leaching of Refractory Gold Ore with Sodium Hypochlorite
Received:October 08, 2012  Revised:October 10, 2012
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KeyWord:refractory gold ore; sodium hypochlorite; leaching
Yang Cong 贵州大学 材料与冶金学院
Jin Keqin 贵州大学 材料与冶金学院
Tang Daowen 贵州大学 材料与冶金学院
Wang Rui 贵州大学 材料与冶金学院
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      One refractory gold ore in Guizhou Province was leached with sodium hypochlorite. The effects of concentration of sodium hypochlorite, leaching time and temperature on leaching rate of gold were investigated. The results show that sodium hypochlorite not only oxidizes FeAsS and FeS2 in gold ore, but also opens the encapsulated gold. The leaching rate of gold is above 75% under the following optimum conditions including concentration of sodium hypochlorite of 0.6 mol/L, pH of 13~14, ratio of liquid to solid of 6, leaching time of 4 h, and temperature of 35 ℃.