Formation and Inhibition of Jarosite in Biohydrometallurgy Process
Received:November 21, 2014  Revised:November 24, 2014
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KeyWord:pH value; bacteria; jarosite; inhibition
MA Peng-cheng 招金矿业股份有限公司
YANG Hong-ying 东北大学 材料与冶金学院
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      The effects of initial pH value on formation of jarosite in cultivation process of bacteria in shaking flasks were studied. The results show that formation of jarosite is controlled by pH value of solution, bacteria activity and concentration of Fe3 . Bacteria have good activity, oxidizing ratio of ferrous ion is high, and generation of jarosite is promoted in the range of 1.4~2.0 pH value. The generation of jarosite is inhibited in the range of 1.0~1.4 pH value. Jarosite is crystallized when Fe(OH)3 as colloid phase is produced in the process of ferric ion hydrolysis. In biohydrometallurgy process, pH value is 1.4 above to accelerate growth of bacteria and oxygenolysis of ore. In bacteria growth logarithmic phase, pH value is 1.4 below to control activity of bacteria in lixivium and depress production of Fe(OH)3.