Study on Technology of Scandium Oxide Extraction from Red Mud and Titanium White Waste Acid
Received:November 21, 2014  Revised:November 24, 2014
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KeyWord:titanium white waste acid; red mud; scandium oxide; purification
FAN Yan-jin 广西冶金研究院
HE Hang-jun 广西冶金研究院
ZHANG Jian-fei 广西冶金研究院
HUANG Tai-yuan 广西冶金研究院
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      Sc2O3 with purity of 99.99% was prepared with titanium white waste acid and red mud as raw materials by processes of leaching, first-stage extraction and stripping, dissolution and hydrolysis, secondary extraction, acid washing, secondary stripping, oxalic acid precipitation and refining. The recovery of scandium from red mud and titanium white waste acid is 57.8% and 93.3% respectively.