Study on Electrochemical Dissolution of Nickel Base Superalloy Scraps
Received:November 25, 2014  Revised:December 01, 2014
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KeyWord:electrochemical dissolution; nickel superalloy scraps; enrichment
Li Bo 西安建筑科技大学冶金工程学院
Zhu Jun 西安建筑科技大学冶金工程学院
Li Jin 西安瑞鑫科金属金属材料有限公司
Xu Wan-xiang 西安瑞鑫科金属金属材料有限公司
Guo Rui 西北有色金属研究院
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      Dissolution process of Co, Cr, W, Al, Mo and Hf bearing nickel-base superalloy scraps in sulfuric acid solution was studied by electrochemical dissolution. The effects of current density, acidity, temperature and Ni2 concentration on electrochemical dissolution were investigated. The results show that the average cell voltage is 2.4 V and energy consumption is 2 083 kWh with current efficiency of 98.46% for one ton alloy scraps under the optimum conditions including current density of 300 A/m2, H2SO4 acidity of 98 g/L, and temperature of 40 ℃. Scattered metals can get higher enrichment in anode slime in hydrochloric acid system than in sulfuric acid system.