Study on Indium Extraction from High Iron-bearing Zinc Sulfate Solution
Received:December 07, 2014  Revised:December 09, 2014
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KeyWord:extraction; indium; indium-iron separation; countercurrent extraction
LUO Wen-bo 昆明理工大学 冶金与能源工程学院
WANG Ji-kun 云南冶金集团股份有限公司
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      Indium was extracted from zinc sulfate solution containing high concentration of iron by D2EHPA. The effects of D2EHPA concentration, mixing time, phase ratio, temperature, and acidity of feed liquid on indium extraction rate were investigated. The results show that indium extraction rate is 98.5% above after 2-stage countercurrent extraction under the optimum conditions including D2EHPA concentration of 20%, mixing time of 2 min, phase ratio of O/A=1/10, temperature of 20 ℃, and acidity of feed liquid of 30 g/L.