3kA rare earth electrolyzer; numerical simulation; particle trajectory
Received:December 09, 2014  Revised:December 11, 2014
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KeyWord:3kA rare earth electrolyzer ; numerical simulation ; the particle trajectory
Liu Zhong-xing 内蒙古科技大学
Zhang Xue-jiao 内蒙古科技大学
Wu Yong-fu 内蒙古科技大学
Dong Yun-fang 内蒙古科技大学
Xu Zi-qian 内蒙古科技大学
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      Trajectories of particles in rare earth electrolytic cell were simulated. Flow field of electrolyzer was simulated by Euler Method. Particles with different sizes were added into flow field after its convergence. Trajectories of particles were simulated by Lagrange Method. The results of particle trajectories show that particles move to upper surface of electrolyte solution and float in liquid surface. Particles with different sizes have different motion trajectories and different time spent to reach upper surface.