Purification and Separation of Aluminum from Nitric Acid Leached Lixivium of Laterite-nickel Ore
Received:December 10, 2014  Revised:December 12, 2014
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KeyWord:laterite-nickel ore; nitrate leach liquor; aluminum; purification; filtration
MA Bao-zhong 北京矿冶研究总院
YANG Wei-jiao 北京矿冶研究总院
YANG-Bo 北京矿冶研究总院
CHEN Yong-qiang 北京矿冶研究总院
WANG Cheng-yan 北京矿冶研究总院
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      Purification and separation of aluminum from nitric acid leached lixivium of laterite-nickel ore by neutralization precipitation were investigated. The effects of reaction temperature, pH value before ageing, and ageing time on aluminum removal were studied. The results show that vaccum filtration rate of aluminum precipitate slurry after adding 5% CaSO4 is 0.109 m3/(h?m2), which is 5.4 times higher than that of traditional method, loss rate of nickel and cobalt in obtained aluminum precipitate slag is 2% below under the optimum conditions including reaction temperature of 40 ℃, pH value before aging of 3.9~4.1, aging time of 30 min, and filtration negative pressure of -0.04 MPa.