Study on Pyrolusite Treatment by Acidification of Crude Fiber
Received:December 17, 2014  Revised:January 01, 2015
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KeyWord:low grade pyrolusite; chaff; manganese sulfate; leaching
WANG Ting-xiang 广东韶关冶炼厂
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      Manganese sulfate was directly prepared from powder of low grade pyrolusite after reacting with hydrolyzation of chaff. The affecting factors on manganese leaching rate and choice of technological conditions are discussed. The results show that manganese leaching rate is 95% above under the optimum conditions including mass concentration of sulfuric acid of 50%, dosage of sulfuric acid of 1.2 times of theoretical amount, dosage of chaff of 20% of pyrolusite, temperature of 250 ℃, and reacting duration of 75 min.