Recovery of Ferronickel from Eluvial Nickel Laterite Ore by Metallic Reduction Roasting and Magnetic Separation
Received:December 17, 2014  Revised:December 18, 2014
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KeyWord:nickel laterite ores; metallic reduction roasting; promoter; magnetic separation; ferronickel
Jie Xiaowu 北京矿冶研究总院冶金研究设计所
Wang Chengyan 北京矿冶研究总院冶金研究设计所
Yin Fei 北京矿冶研究总院冶金研究设计所
Chen Yongqiang 北京矿冶研究总院冶金研究设计所
Yang Yongqiang 北京矿冶研究总院冶金研究设计所
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      Nickel and iron were enriched in ferronickel from eluvial nickel laterite ore by metallic reduction roasting and magnetic separation. The effects of roasting temperature, dosage of promoter, roasting time and carbon dosage on enrichment of ferronickel were investigated. The results indicate that recoveries of Ni, Fe rise from 41.9%, 39.22% to 93.31%, 75.65%, respectively after adding 5% promoter. 94.02% nickel and77.39% iron in calcining exist in the form of ferronickel under the optimum conditions including 5% promote, 7% coal, pelletizing, and reduction roasting 180 min at 1 200 ℃. Calcining is ground and magnetically separated to produce concentrate containing 7.32% Ni and 73.85% Fe with recovery of Ni and Fe of 93% and 75% above respectively.