Effect of Particle Size on Roasting Desulfurization of High-sulfur Bauxite
Received:December 22, 2014  Revised:December 23, 2014
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KeyWord:high-sulfur bauxite; roasting; desulfurization; particle size
zhangman 贵州大学
Chen chao-yi 贵州大学
LI Jun-qi 贵州冶金工程与过程节能重点实验室
ZHAO Cong 贵州冶金工程与过程节能重点实验室
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      The effects of roasting pretreatment on macro morphology, particle size distribution, sulfur content, phase structure and mineral microstructure were investigated based on different particle size of high-sulfur bauxite. The results show that the roasting effect of coarse particle size of millstone-milling is better than that of finer grain size of ball-milling. Ore particle size has a tendency to be refined after roasting. Pyrite in millstone-milling ore is oxidized to hematite, and particles become relatively loose. Ball grinding ore contains trace magnetite. Sulfur content in calcining declines from 2.3% to 0.48% with roasting at 700 ℃ for 30 min which satisfied industrial production requirement.