Current Status and Future Direction of Copper Leaching from Chalcopyrite
Received:December 27, 2014  Revised:December 30, 2014
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KeyWord:chalcopyrite; hydrometallurgy; oxidation leaching; coordination; bioleaching
GONG Xiaojie 东北大学 材料与冶金学院
HUA Xiaoming 东北大学 材料与冶金学院
NING Zhiqiang 东北大学 材料与冶金学院
SONG Qiushi 东北大学 材料与冶金学院
chenghongwei 上海大学
luxionggang 上海大学
xiqian 上海大学
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      Current status of leaching of chalcopyrite at home and abroad was introduced. The advantages and disadvantages of oxidation leaching, coordination leaching and bioleaching for low grade chalcopyrite were compared. Future research is to focus on effects of hydrometallurgy of chalcopyrite on environment.