Effect of CaO Dosage on Electrochemical Reduction of Ilmenite in CaCl2-NaCl Molten Salt
Received:March 17, 2016  Revised:March 21, 2016
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KeyWord:porous Fe-Ti alloys; molten salt electrolysis; ilmenite; CaO
ZHOU Zhong-ren 昆明理工大学 冶金与能源工程学院;昆明理工大学 复杂有色金属资源清洁利用国家重点实验室
HUA Yi-xin 昆明理工大学 冶金与能源工程学院
XU Cun-ying 昆明理工大学 冶金与能源工程学院
LI Jian 昆明理工大学 冶金与能源工程学院
LI Yan 昆明理工大学 冶金与能源工程学院
ZHANG Qi-bo 昆明理工大学 冶金与能源工程学院
Zhang Ya-dong 昆明理工大学 冶金与能源工程学院
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      Porous ferrotitanium alloy with grain size of 10 μm was prepared by molten salt electrolysis of ilmenite in eutectic CaCl2-NaCl melts. The effect of CaO dosage on reduction was discussed. The results show that 0~1.0% (mole fraction) addition of CaO promotes reduction process of ilmenite to form CaTiO3 and electrolytic kinetics. Addition of CaO of 1.5% above restrains reduction of ilmenite.