Archaeometallurgy of Southern Andes in Period of Inca
Received:May 03, 2016  Revised:May 13, 2016
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KeyWord:Andean America; archaeometallurgy; bronze alloy
LiAng 北京科技大学科技史与文化遗产研究院 北京
Li Yanxiang 北京科技大学科技史与文化遗产研究院 北京
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      Andes tend to be the largest place of minerals in America and the new world metallurgy originated. It has been mining for almost thousands of years until the arrival of Spanish conquistador in 1532CE. The technics of smelting, casting and hammering were developed by the indigenous inhabitants. The culture of metallurgical techniques of Inca period are explored based on contemporary sites with metallurgical implications, and Inca’s domination of copper alloy is revealed, which could provide relative information for a further step on understanding of Inca’s metallurgical culture.