Extraction of Gallium and Indium from Zinc Residues
Received:January 10, 2017  Revised:January 16, 2017
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      A new process to extract gallium and indium from zinc residues with P204 and TBP as extractant was established. Upon [H ]>1 mol/L, gallium and indium can be separated from zinc residues applying P204 as extractant. Extraction rate of indium and gallium is 99% above and 1% below respectively after 3-stage extraction. With [H ]>4 mol/L, extraction rate of gallium is up to 100% applying TBP as extractant. Stripping rate of gallium from TBP organic phase is 99% above applying NH4Cl as extractant. The developed extraction technology of gallium and indium is simple and meets industrial production requirement.