Study on Flocculating Setting Process for Cu-Co Oxidized Concentrate from Dr Congo
Received:April 03, 2019  Revised:April 08, 2019
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KeyWord:Dr Congo; Cu-Co oxidized concentrate; acid leaching; flocculating setting
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      Flocculating setting process of Cu-Co oxidized concentrate from Dr Congo was experimental studied. The results show that settling velocity and solid concentration of under-flow of raw ore slurry is 25 m/h and 54% above respectively under the conditions including granularity of -0.150 mm of 80%, slurry concentration of 10%-12%, flocculant dosage of 5-10 g/t, and flocculant concentration of 0.05%-0.1%. Settling velocity and solid concentration of under-flow of slurry leached at ambient temperature for 4 h is 22 m/h and 47% above respectively with granularity of -0.150 mm of 80%, initial solid concentration of 25% and ratio of mine to ore of 132 kg/t under the conditions including slurry concentration of 6%, flocculant dosage of 20 g/t and flocculant concentration of 0.1%.