Pilot Scale Test to Recover Gold from Gold-bearing Material by Molten Chlorination
Received:April 26, 2019  Revised:April 26, 2019
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KeyWord:cyaniding tailing; calcine; molten; chlorination volatilization; pilot scale test
LIANG Dong-dong 北京矿冶科技集团有限公司
GUO Chi-hao 北京矿冶科技集团有限公司
Yuan Chao-xin 北京矿冶科技集团有限公司
LI Da-jiang 北京矿冶科技集团有限公司
LI Yi-bin 北京矿冶科技集团有限公司
SUN Yan-wen 北京矿冶科技集团有限公司
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      Based on results of laboratory experiment, pilot scale test of molten chlorination process self-developed by BGRIMM to treat cyaniding tailings and calcine was conducted. Adaptation of electric furnace process in different conditions was investigated. The test results of cyaniding tailings show that the highest gold volatilization rate is 99% and gold content in slag can be controlled at 0.5 g/t below with addition of 4%-12% calcium chloride. The test results of calcine (bottom materials of roasting furnace) with gold content of 89.64 g/t show that gold content in slag is 2-7 g/t due to high Fe/Si ratio and poor sedimentation of slag. In order to insure sufficient metal recovery, moisture of raw material should be controlled, slag composition should be adjusted, and subsection volatilization during engineering design should be considered.