Effect of Microwave Activation Treatment on Pressure Leaching Behavior of Chalcopyrite
Received:July 04, 2019  Revised:July 06, 2019
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KeyWord:chalcopyrite; pressure leaching; microwave activation
LU Yu-he 东北大学 冶金学院
XIE Feng 东北大学 冶金学院
BAI Yun-long 东北大学 冶金学院
LI Chao 东北大学 冶金学院
LU Dian-kun 东北大学 冶金学院
WANG Wei 东北大学 冶金学院
JIANG Kai-xi 北京矿冶研究总院有限公司
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      Effects of microwave activation time and activation temperature on pressure leaching behavior of chalcopyrite were investigated. Chalcopyrite and its leaching residue before and after microwave activation treatment were characterized by XRD and SEM. The results show that activation effect is enhanced by elongation of activation time, and the optimum activation temperature is 100 ℃. Microwave activation treatment can lead to de-stabilization of Cu-Fe-S and Fe-S bonds. Local fine cracks and holes can be formed on surface of chalcopyrite, thus promoting leaching of chalcopyrite. Microwave activation treatment can improve copper leaching and inhibit iron leaching.