Preliminary Investigation on Ancient Iron Smelting Site Found at Liguo Village of Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province
Received:November 05, 2021  Revised:November 12, 2021
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KeyWord:Han Dynasty; cast iron smelting site; puddling steel; slag; Liguo
LIU Rui 广西民族大学 科技史与科技文化研究院
HUANG Quan-sheng 广西民族大学 科技史与科技文化研究院
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      Liguo smelting sites is located near the Pearl Spring in the center of Liguo town, Tongshan district, Xuzhou city, Jiangsu province. Through field investigation of Liguo smelting sites ancient metallurgical remains such as slag and ore were obtained. These remains were tested and analyzed by various scientific experimental methods such as metallographic (mineral) observation, energy spectrum analysis (EDX), and scanning electron microscope (SEM-EDS). Based on chemical composition and microstructure of slag, the smelting properties and technical characteristics of the smelting site were discussed. The results show that the Liguo smelting site can be judged to be an iron smelting site and the technology involved is cast iron smelting. The iron smelting slag can be characterized into Si-Ca-Al series high-calcium slag. At the same time, signs of high-iron slag are found in another part of the site. It is possible that the slag comes from puddling process.